Impact of Saturn! Career Astrology

We would be discussing the Impact of Saturn and its Sade Sati (Kantak and Ashtam) impact of 7.5 years in our life. Saturn’s objective is to burn your previous birth negative Karma and make you suffer in your Career/Job, so that internal churning within our soul can happen to know our hidden potential during our tough time.

Saturn can be a come ?

Impact of Saturn- Horoscope

Though Saturn is malefic planet, but it is a King Maker, as this is a owner of 10th and 11th house in our Horoscope. Now let me shed some light on this.

So going by this, Saturn is natural significant of Profession (10 house of Karma) and house of gains (11 house).

So put it in a simple words, without doing our karma, we cannot gain anything in our life. Since Saturn is slowest planet so many a times even after putting rigorous efforts, we do not achieve what we expect.

So now let’s understand from which divisional chart we can see representation of all Karma. The Lagan and the Lagan lord of D10 chart gives lot of clues about it. As this chart gives the microscopic view of 10 house of D1 chart.

The tenth house of D10 is the house from which we earn our daily needs. And it shows your career, fame, status. Capricorn (governed by Shani) is the Rashi of 10 house of Kaalpurush, and Mars is exalted in Capricon Rashi, so if someone has Mars in there, it shows powerful position with good fame.

Below is Kaalpurush Kundali.

Impact of Saturn- kaalpurus kundali

If we analyse and find out that 10 house and it’s lord are weak in D1 chart and also in D10 chart, it might show some trouble in profession.

To make a good result from this house, it is recommended to do remedies of this house.






It is advised that you consult a good astrologer, he would be able to identify the issues and suggest remedies for it.

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