Job or Business? Astrology can help!

Job or business, it’s always very difficult exercise but no worries you can choose your career based on astrology. For a youth its a choice of life, for working professional it could trying something in business, for a businessmen it could stability and many jobless it could be anything which works best for them.

Job or Business

Astrology can be a good measuring tool that will help you decide which direction to go. In Astrology we study 12 houses in a Horoscope(Kundali), 27 Nakshatras (Constellation) and 9 Planets (Graha), Graha & Constellation keeps moving/changing but Graha always remain constat. 



Lagna Chart:

If you want to get into a job or a business, let’s analyse through your own respective horoscope starting with “Lagan Chart”.

12 houses of Horoscope or Kundali

In Lagna Chart, 6th or 7th house tells whether you should do a Job or Business.

We will take shot at all the areas which helps you take right decision. Let’s see all the possible combination of Business and Job:



Combination of Business:

  • The planet in the following houses: 6, 7, 2, 10 helps deciding kind of job or Business you can venture in
  • To do a business, we need to analyse a house of courage that is your 3rd house powerful enough to take a risk in your business.
  • If you have any Malefic planet in this 3 house (so called one of the bad houses in Trik Houses), it will prove to be a good one.
  • Power of taking a right decision adjudged from 5 house in business.
  • The strong desire or killer instinct to keep your business ticking despite all odds, analysed from the house of Business – 7 House.
  • The fulfilment of desires comes from 11 house. This is also called the house of gain. We have to analyse this house also to make sure if we can make any profit.
  • Finally, now your house of investment analysed from 12 house, are you ready to make investment or not which should also be seen from the Shukla Paksh Bal of Moon. So if your 3 house and 2 ,7 11 house makes some relation with each other you can start your own venture.

Combination of Job:

  • If your 2,6,10 and 11 house are connected, it will indicate your profession.
  • The 10 house (House of Shani and Capricon Rashi in Kaalpurush Kundali) is seen for promotion in Job. And it should also connect to 2, 6 And 11 houses.
  • The 10th House: Tenth house indicates one’s job or profession. It’s a very important House as one spends more than half of his life earning money through one’s karma. Now let us have a quick glimpse of the indications of various signs, if they fall in the 10th House and the results of the association of planets, related to govt.

Various Profession associated with 10th House:

  • Aries – Police, Defence, Doctors, Surgeons, etc.,
  • Taurus–Banks and Finance
  • Gemini – Accounting, Communications, Arbitrators,
  • Cancer – Water related jobs,
  • Leo – Government jobs, Physicians, Forest Services, Zoologists etc.,
  • Virgo – Accounts, Audit, Engineering etc.,
  • Libra – Legal services, Architects.
  • Scorpio – Insurance sector, Technology, Machinery, Water Projects, Surgeons etc.,
  • Sagittarius – Teachers, Lawyers, Judges,
  • Capricorn– Service, Labor, Mines, Minerals
  • Aquarius – Aeronautics, Astronomy, Wireless electronics
  • Pisces – Navy, Oceanography, off-shore explorations, Shipping, Submarines, Marine Engineering etc.

How to predict timing?

Timing of getting job is most important part for native because everyone wants to know what timing is for join of service. Following point must be considered before calculation for timing of service.

  1. Dasha of planet which is connected with 10th
  2. Dasha of Planets placed in tenth house.
  3. Transit of planet which is connected with 10th house and 10th lord
  4. Transit of Saturn and Jupiter.

Government Jobs Consideration:

Planets associated with Govt profession:

  • Sun : Sun represents government, authority, political power.
  • Moon : Moon represents Strength of mind, public responsibility, popularity.
  • Mars : Mars represents Military, defense, courage, Police, Soldiers, engineers.
  • Jupiter : Jupiter represents Judges, Ministers, Lawyers, legal affairs, bankers etc.

Houses Related to Government profession:

  • Ascendant :basic personality and capabilities
  • 2nd house :house of wealth
  • 6th house: the house of jobs and services and career
  • 10th house : indicates one’s job or profession.
  • 9th house : house of fortune
  • 11th house :house of income
  • 6th house : 9th house is Fortune house, 9th house from 10th house is 6th house. So well placed 6th house & 6th lord will give combination of good job.
  • 8th house : 11th house indicate gains. 11th house from 10th house is 8th house. So well placed 8th house indicate gains.

Few combinations of Govt profession:

To get a desirable job the lord of the ascendant, 9th, and 10th house should be strong

  1. lord of the 10th house placed in quadrant/trine indicates government jobs.
  2. 9th lord placed in the 10th house increases the possibility of government jobs.
  3. 10th lord placed in 9th house.
  4. 9th and 10th lords exchange their signs.
  5. 9th and 10th lords aspect each other.
  6. 9th and 10th lords conjoined/conjunct each other .
  7. placement of lord of 10th house in the ascendant

Finally what will you be picking up as career is solely your own call but Astrology helps in identifying person’s work life, area, success ratio, timing and satisfaction. For any help related to career you can always reach out to us.

This detail have been prepared with my initial experience in Astrology Startup back in 2001 (AstroIQ) where i learned the complex calculations of Astrology and in consultation with various Astrologers like Dr. Charak & Mr S. Praksh. Please check out another article based on Astrlogical methods of finding impact of Saturn on your Job. 

What is Astrology?

the study of the movements and relative positions of Planets, Celestial Bodies, Constellation, houses, this involves horoscope chart preparation using birth date, time and location. It is believed that Astrology has influence on Humans and our world.

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